Religious Education







At Pye Green Academy we aim to be provide opportunities and experiences which enable young people

to become religiously educated for life in the 21st century and be part of society reflecting British values.


These discoveries will enable Pye Green children :

To be curious about life; not afraid to ask the big questions; aware of philosophical and ethical issues.

To be well informed about religious and non- religious responses to ultimate questions; knowledgeable

about faiths, practices and philosophies.


To be aware of and able to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of belief on actions, able to

interpret the ways in which beliefs, spiritual insights and values are expressed by individuals or groups.


To be able to demonstrate respect for the faiths and philosophies of others; confident in expressing their

own views while reflecting on the beliefs, spiritual insights and values of others.


All these qualities underpin the aims and processes of the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus.


All the above needs are taught in context with the year groups curriculum topics highlighting British



Throughout the year all children are encouraged to take part in celebrations that have an annual cycle in

Britain. Spiritual experiences and joyous fun promote these occasions and develop the young people’s

set of British values. Throughout the year Pye Green Academy supports a full range of charities, each

year group has one specific charity .In addition threaded throughout the school and linked with our

Hednesford community we value and support the work of the Local Foodbank, Katherine House,

Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal, Children in Need, Comic Relief and Shelter.