Extended School

At Pye Green Valley we offer before and after school care.

Care Club is led by Mrs. A Carter (Play Leader) and Mrs. T Hall, Mrs. L Langley, Mrs. L Noake and Mrs D Thomas.

It operates term time, 8.00a.m. - 8.55a.m. and 3.15p.m. - 5.30p.m. for all children attending Pye Green Valley Primary School.

Working together with Ofsted, Early Years and the school governing body, the staff ensure that the children attending the ' Care Club', are provided with a high quality service which aims to be safe, fun, familiar and non-judgemental.

Parents are asked to provide a list of activities their child enjoys, these are then incorporated into the planning of each session to enable safe active play, whilst also promoting learning.


For further information please contact the school office or Care Club on 01543 227180.