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16 July 2020
Pye Green Good News 17.7.20

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Well what an interesting year it has been! We cannot believe it is now the end of term and we are so impressed with all the home learning taking place. We cannot wait to see you all back in September- have a great summer!

Home Learning

The children in year 5 have been designing a bag that they can make to put emergency supplies in to be used in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster.  Sophie has drawn a fantastic plan for her bag and Lauren and Lili-Mai have actually gone on to make their bags out of fabric.  Here are the amazing photos of them using their sewing machines and their design work.  Well done. 


Each week we have asked the year group to complete Acts of Kindness.  This week Niamh sent me a photo of her making her own lunch at home to help her Mum out.  Very kind thought.  

Hayden from Year 4 has been busy practising his carpentry and made a birdhouse from scratch in the garage with his dad. What an amazing skill he has developed!  

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